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Kandi LaMar
Executive Director,  kandi@htrmail.org

Brett Bauer
Volunteer & Finance Manager, brett@htrmail.org

Tawnya Hurt
Barn Staff

Bonnie Bruns
Program Manager, bonnie@htrmail.org

Betsy Lindsey
Director of Development, betsy@htrmail.org

Matt Daly
Barn Staff, matt@htrmail.org

Sara Royster
Barn Superintendent, sara@htrmail.org

Brad Royster,
Facilities Manager, brad@htrmail.org


Our therapist is certified by the American Hippotherapy Association and our riding instructors are certified by PATH.

Bonnie Bruns
Advanced Therapeutic Riding Instructor and Mentor, bonnie@htrmail.org

Katie Loomis
Registered Therapeutic Riding Instructor, katiep@htrmail.org

Brett Bauer
Registered Therapeutic Riding Instructor, brett@htrmail.org

Meg Stafford
Registered Therapeutic Riding Instructor, meg@htrmail.org

Naomi Heller George
Advanced Therapeutic Riding Instructor and Mentor, Naomi@htrmail.org

Board of Directors

  • Melissa Scher, Chairman
  • Greg Lee, Vice Chairman
  • Joni Roeseler, Treasurer
  • Courtney Fahey, Secretary
  • Kelly Carlson, DVM
  • Eric Carlson, DVM
  • Dana Benjamin
  • Austin Berke
  • Vinita Canright
  • Pam Cowan
  • Denise Farris
  • Rob Holland
  • Katie Loomis
  • Parrish Lucas
  • Vicki Messbarger
  • Skip Peavey
  • Sandy Rose
  • Amanda Strom
  • Stan Woodworth

Advisory Board

  • Jon Baum
  • Nancy Beaver
  • Hilary Watson
  • Shorty McKenny
  • Art Stern
  • Wyatt Rosner
  • Janice Thome


We are currently accepting resumes for a part-time PATH Certified Instructor. Applicants should send a cover letter, resume and references to info@htrmail.org.