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Mission Statement

HTR’s mission is to serve children and adults with disabilities and to improve quality of life through equine-assisted activities and therapies. We are committed to changing lives, one ride at a time. 

Who We Serve

HTR serves individuals who have been diagnosed with physical, emotional, and/or cognitive disabilities. Each individual is evaluated before being accepted into a program and must have a physician’s written permission to participate. HTR does not discriminate as to sex, creed, color, or ability to pay.

What We Do

HTR provides equine-assisted activities and therapies. These activities and therapies utilize the interaction with a horse and/or the movement of a horse to promote physical, cognitive, and emotional growth. Our lessons are conducted by PATH Intl Certified Professionals with horses specially trained for the needs of therapeutic riding. We provide weekly group lessons with up to four riders to encourage socialization. Each of our lessons is supported by wonderful volunteers who have committed time, energy and love to help the program thrive.

Why We Do It

We believe that horses can play an important role in helping individuals reach their full potential. Riding and interacting with horses is fun and creates an opportunity for participants to improve their physical, cognitive and emotional well-being. We foster an environment where participants are motivated to reach new levels of courage and confidence.


“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”

~ Winston Churchill